Who can use The Thamgidi Guest Studio?

The Thamgidi Foundation Guest Studio can be used by artists in residency who have been invited by the Thamgidi Foundation and guests invited by other institutions, e.g. curators, writers, artists of all disciplines, historians or people working in creative industries.

Guests in the above category are welcome to use the Thamgidi Guest Studio for a specified period.


The Thamgidi Guest Studio is located on the last floor of a bookstore at the heart of the city centre in Arnhem and at a walking distance from the train station – buses, Museum of Modern Art, restaurants, shops, bars and film houses.

How Thamgidi Guest Studio Works

It is important to know that the Thamgidi Guest Studio is a self directed residency for artists or individuals needing space for short term or concentrated work.

Duration of residency: 1 – 3 months

Financial support

Fully Funded Grant: Artists selected by Thamgidi Foundation from Biennales and other international juried exhibitions get a fully funded residency grant worth 5000 euros. The Fully Funded Grant includes: Return airfare, material costs, health insurance, living expenses, stipend, excursions and support for experimental projects.

Residency Grants: From time to time, Thamgidi invites professional and emerging artists from different disciplines to take part in the residency program. Invited artists receive a Residency Grant worth 2000 euros for return airfare, material costs, living expenses and health insurance.

Guests invited by other institutions: Institutions that invite artists or people working in creative industries and need to use the Thamgidi Guest Studio should cover the costs of their invited guests. Institutions are however asked to make a small contribution for the use and maintenance of the residency.

Collaborated residencies: Thamgidi Foundation welcomes collaborated residency partnerships. This means that if an institution wants to partner with Thamgidi Foundation to give visibility to artists from a specific region or enable more artistic exchanges, Thamgidi will co – finance the Residency. This we do by either paying for travel or stipend, material, living or research costs.

Self-initiated residency: Due to the fact that the Thamgidi Foundation residency has no official open call for submission, artists who wish to apply for a residency fall under the self-initiated residency category. It is seldom but possible that Thamgidi Foundation accepts artists from all disciplines interested in using the Thamgidi Guest Studio. In this case, participants need to pay for all their costs. Thamgidi Foundation is open to support the successful applicants in a small way. This however depends on the proposed projects and availability of funding and space.


All guests using the Thamgidi Guest Studio prepare meals for themselves in the kitchen and clean the space for themselves, unless they have asked for the Thamgidi Catering and Cleaning Service. While in residency, the guests live alone as the Guest Studio is a small residency for one artist or a couple per time.

Guests who wish the Guest Studio to be cleaned for them should notify Thamgidi Foundation a week in advance. The cost for this service is 15 euros per hour.

Catering Service

A catering service is offered to guests invited by other institutions while in residency at the Thamgidi Guest Studio. The catering service Thamgidi Foundations offers is for lunch, dinner and special occasions - e.g. lecture evenings, business breakfast, meet the artists’ talks, etc. If guests have specific wishes they need to specify this in advance.

For guests interested in using our Catering Service, it is important for them to notify Thamgidi Foundation two weeks before arrival. For guests already in residency with busy schedules and need our catering service, we ask that these guests specify when they wish to eat at the Thamgidi Guest Studio.

The cost for the lunch and or evening meals per time including beverages (wine or soft drinks) and dessert is € 55 per person.

In House Welcome Package

An arrival service we provide to all our guests is a fully stocked fridge with an assortment of wines ranging from White wine – Rose and bubbles, an assortment of cheeses, smoked filet of salmon, chicken and roast beef, half full and full milk, Yoghurt, fresh orange juice, blood orange juice, butter and eggs.

Included in the welcome package are an assortment of cereals, bread, Jam, honey, sugar, a fruit basket, Nespresso coffee, virgin olive oil and an assortment of Red wines. All guests using Thamgidi Guest Studio do not have to pay anything for this. The welcome package is part of Thamgidi Foundation’s tradition, of hospitality and the spirit of Ubuntu. We offer this Package to all our artists in residency because we find it of great importance that their first week of residency is comfortable and stress free.

Welcome service offered to artists & benefits of being selected for the Thamgidi Residency

An extra welcome service we offer to all Thamgidi selected artists and participants from other disciplines is a welcome dinner at a restaurant, a fair well dinner at the residency, meet the artist drink, artist presentation luncheon / dinner for artists living longer than one month. Excursions within the Netherlands, visit to international Art Fairs and biennales e.g. Belgium, Koln, Paris, Venice, Marrakesh and Basel, depending on the month the artists are in residency.

Thamgidi Foundation also assists artists in expanding their network through connecting them with other institutions and galleries.
Besides taking artists to Art Fairs, Thamgidi Foundation also invites selected guest artists to take part in the IFAA (International Festival and Artist in Residency Platform) taking place in different cities across the globe - ( www.ifaa-platform.org). Invited artists participate in a 3 months residency, including debates, cross disciplinary exchanges and an international exhibition that includes a catalogue. The artists selected for IFAA are not taken for a visit to the Art Fairs.

Basic information about the Guest studio apartment

The Thamgidi Guest Studio consists of 4 rooms and a shower with a toilet. The 4 rooms include:

A communal room which is used for presentations, dinning and as a working space

  •  A library – Thamgidi information Centre,
  •  A fully furnished kitchen with a washing machine
  •  A fridge fully stocked with wine and food
  •  Nespresso coffee machine and capsules
  •  A wine rack filled with an assortment of red wines
  •  A master bedroom
  •  A private balcony.

The kitchen is fully stocked with all the basic kitchen supplies guests might need in the case they want to prepare their own meals.
The bathroom is a combination of a shower and toilet. It has towels, shower jell, body cream, a guest toothbrush, (in case of emergency) toothpaste and toilet paper enough for one or more weeks

The stair case to the apartment is carpeted but the apartment itself has wooden tiles ideal for guests with allergies.
The apartment also has wireless internet. Guests on arrival receive a password.
The library has a diverse selection of books; all guests are welcome to peruse our collection and are also asked to leave our library in the condition they found it.

Also found in the library are a selection of movies for entertainment or relaxation purposes. The bedroom has a double bed, wardrobe, clean sheets and duvet covers.
A bicycle and an OV card for the bus and trains that is used by our guests.
All guests are welcome to use the OV card but must not forget to leave it behind on departure. Guests who use the bicycle must not forget to lock it as bicycles usually get stolen.

The guests can refill the OV card for themselves when the money in the card is finished.
We also work with an exclusive Taxi company which brings our guests to where ever they wish to go. The contact details are also at the apartment. If guests need this service, it is important to let us know in advance so that we can notify the Taxi Company and also ask for a 20 percent discount for the guests.

For catering please ask for our menu.

Contributing to Knowledge Production

The core of Thamgidi is Sharing Knowledge and Connecting Cultures. We enable this process by supporting the arts in order to strengthen cross – cultural exchange and to facilitate knowledge transmission. Besides this Thamgidi Foundation finds it of great importance to preserve contemporary art from Africa, its Diasporas and that of migrating artists from different parts of the globe. Believing in the value of building and sharing knowledge from the basis of Ubuntu, Thamgidi Foundation thus welcomes contributions from our guests, partner institutions and interested individuals, who wish to support the expansion of our information center. Supporting and contributing to our Information Centre will contribute to the preservation of contemporary art from Africa, its Diasporas and that of migrating artists from around the world.

Thamgidi Information Centre & Contributing to Knowledge Production

Thamgidi Foundation welcomes the donation of books, catalogues / research publications within the different fields of Arts and Culture. Besides this we have a special interest in specific subjects which have developed through the years:

These include:

On Curating, Art history and Art theory; Art, Migration and Identity; Memory, History and Forgetting; Knowledge Societies; Art in the Digital Age; Art, Censorship and Self- Censorship; Culture and Development; Presentation and Representation of Art Production by Non-Western Artists in Western Museums, Galleries and Cultural Platforms; The Role of Art in Society; Art in the Colonial and Post – Colonial Era; Presentation and Representation of Art Production by Western Artists in Western Museums, Galleries and Cultural Platforms; Beyond the Cultural Institution; Art in Trauma and Recovery; Starting, Managing and Running an Independent Cultural Space; Cultural leadership; Art and the Society; Cultural Heritage and Preservation; Art Education and Societal Development; International Diaspora and Post-Colonialism; Women Artists, Presentation and Representation in the Art World; On Museums, Artistic Platforms, Cultural Representation and the Role of Curators, Art Critics, Art Historians and Cultural Anthropologists; Art Criticism and Theory; Documentation and Preservation of Contemporary Art from Africa, its Diasporas and that of Migrating Artists.

We also welcome the donation of documentaries, presentations, Journals and Magazines related to the above subjects.

Donations made by Artists / Creators who receive Thamgidi Grants

  •  Artists who receive Thamgidi Residency Grants are asked to donate one artwork of their choice for the Thamgidi Foundation collection. If they wish to donate more e.g. writings, publications, documentaries, or catalogues this is most welcome.
  • Artists, Creators / Organizations who receive Thamgidi supportive Grants and artists and organizations interested in strengthening the sharing of knowledge can also donate writings, publications, documentaries, and catalogues.

Institutions can contribute to the Thamgidi Information Centre and to Knowledge Production by

Donating books / research publications within the different fields of Arts and Culture, exhibition catalogues, publications focused on Contemporary Art practice in Africa, its Diasporas and that of migrating artists.

  •  By donating – sharing research including documentaries, presentations, Journals and Magazines related to the above subjects.
  •  Creating possibilities for cross-disciplinary collaborations

Companies who wish to contribute to Knowledge Production can do this by

  •  Supporting through sponsorship in cash or kind international exchanges that strengthen the connecting of cultures, knowledge production and transmission.
  •  By supporting in cash or kind the artistic development and visibility of artists and cultural operators working in the African continent, it’s Diasporas and that of migrating artists.
  •  Sponsor in cash or kind in order to provide artists with opportunities that enable further artistic development and sharing of artistic practices, through our AIR program.
  •  Creating possibilities for cross-disciplinary collaborations

Individuals can contribute to the Thamgidi Information Centre and to Knowledge Production by

  •  By donating – sharing research including documentaries, presentations, Journals and Magazines related to the above subjects.
  •  Supporting the artistic development and visibility of artists and cultural operators working in the African continent and the Diaspora and migrating artists.
  •  Sponsoring in cash or kind or offering their expertise

For more information regarding contributing to knowledge production; please send an email to S’thabile Mlotshwa. Email: welcome@thamgidifoundation.org

We thank you for your support!