Our Achievments

The achievements of Thamgidi to date include a major collection of contemporary art from Africa, the international diaspora and artworks from across the globe, the realisation of IFAA Arnhem, IFAA in Amsterdam, IFAA Belgium, IFAA Regional, including the co-production of Yango biennale through IFAA Global, (the international branch of IFAA whose purpose is to enable the development the realisation of biennales and major projects world-wide), a partnership with Festival d’Avignon in realising the solo exhibition of Kiripi Katembo Siku including production of the ctalaogue, the production of IFAA art Platform – which is a combination of an international cross-disciplinary festival and artist in residency that began as a pilot in 2008 and has become an international success.

After the 2008 pilot year IFAA took place in Barnsley under the theme ‘Africa 53’, curated by 2008 IFAA artist Kevin Dalton Johnson. The realization of the project was through a partnership between Thamgidi Foundation and Barnsley Metropolitan Borough council. After its success in Barnsley – UK, IFAA then came to Amsterdam through a partnership with Stichting Art in Redlight and Thamgidi Foundation. The Amsterdam IFAA travelling exhibition included an art in public space residency project by artist Bright Ugochukwu Eke and a table of discussions with Apes Container, 2009 Res Artis award winners, given by Thamgidi Foundation at the Biennale of Skopje in Macedonia.

Other success activities and projects include:

  • The IFAA art platform social network whose membership network has a total of 8000 online and offline members and friends, consisting of people working in creative industries, and IFAA supporters from across the globe.

  • Giving a supportive grant for creating a CCA Lagos website

  • Giving a supportive grant for creating a CPL Lingerwaard website

  • Giving asupportive grant to create the website of Ravy Biennale

  • Giving a supportive grant to create the website of The Afghanistan 3rd Trend

  • Giving a supportive grant to create the website of Benedictin demambre

  • The realisation of the Thamgidi Library

Besides this, TSF has a huge international network, a resource centre and an information research library.

The Arts and Young people educational program - which resulted in a travelling project done in partnership with Europe Direct, is the pride of Thamgidi Foundation.

The Thamgidi Foundation has since 2005 – 2014 given € 250.000 for supporting cultural exchange by giving; Artists in residency grants, Travel, stipend and research grants, Supportive and documentation grants, A major collection of contemporary art, Acquiring books for the information centre, Running our own Thamgidi residency space