Who am I?

I am Sarah Fisk.  I have been sewing since birth!  My mother liked to sew and so did my grandmother.  I guess I was destined.  I started taking formal sewing classes in school at the age of 13.  I made a pair of shorts.  I got my first sewing machine in 1984 for Christmas from my parents.  It still works.  I learned how to quilt with my mother.  We signed up for a beginning quilting class in the June, 1992, and I have been quilting ever since.  I have made over 100 quilts to date.  I am a Christian and I thank God everyday for my gift.  And it’s with this gift that I donate some of my quilts to Project Linus in America, which is a non-profit organization that gives quilts to children who have suffered some tragedy in their lives.  When a child goes through something so tragic, the idea that a quilt can help them through the pain, is overwhelming:  I did that, I made someone’s day, a little brighter.


What is a quilt?


It’s a blanket that is made from 100% good quality cotton.  The middle is called “batting.”  I use only 100% cotton batting.  And then there’s the back, made of 100% cotton, too.  Then the quilt is “sandwiched” together and then machined, or hand-quilted together.

Where does my inspiration come from?

I am inspired by books, magazines, my family, my quilting bee, and my friends.  I am inspired my hotel lobbies, kitchen floors and bathroom floors.  Oh, you laugh, but look down, there are shapes and patterns and all I have to do is create it on paper and add fabric…I get many ideas from magazines.  My favorite magazines are American Patchwork and Quilting and For the Love of Quilts.  When I am stuck, I look at my magazines and wall-la, I have inspiration!

I am inspired by the person for whom I am creating a quilt.  I think about what they like, what colors or what they just need!  I am inspired by fabric design and by color hues.

And my quilting bee inspires me.  My quilting bee is called “Chicks With Pins.”  A quilting bee is a group of women that get together and quilt.  There are about 9 in my bee.  I am the on-line member.  I send them pictures of my quilts and they send me pictures of their quilts via the internet.  We meet every 2 weeks and sew and eat.


What Drives Me?

What drives me are new ideas that I see in a magazine and new fabric lines that I see on my fabric websites.  I don’t have “quilters block.”  Sometimes, I might make 20 blocks (that’s a square) and put them to the side until I can decide how to finish the quilt.  But that is rare. I am driven everyday to sew.

And I am driven everyday by my husband, Spencer.  Because he believes in me so much and knows that I can accomplish anything.



What Motivates Me?

I am motivated every day to sew.  It’s like exercising; exercising clears my head and keeps me in shape….. Sewing keeps me sane.  If I haven’t sewn for at least 1 hour a day, I get cranky…And deadlines motivate me…”When is the baby due?  When’s the birthday?  They are moving when?”  Ask my daughter, Madeline, she’ll tell you.  A normal conversation, “Mom, isn’t that quilt suppose to be done tomorrow?  You’re just starting the machine-quilting?”  And my response is, “Is it the eleventh hour?”  However, lately I have been on time…




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