Ronelda Kampfer

ronelda When i was a child i lived on a farm with my grandparents, they were illiterate farm laborers. I remember being fascinated by the breathtaking stories my grandfather told me. When i was in high school my grandfather retired and was forced to leave the farm he had to make way for a new young worker, he left with nothing to show for his 30+ years of life, he passed away soon after. This changed me and made me want to capture and share those stories. Writing is my way of paying tribute but also my way of teaching.

Advance Career: It is very difficult to be and artist, i wish to participate in this residency because it will afford me the time, space and freedom to be able to focus on my writing, to complete a number of projects.

Art Important: Art for me is very important, i come from a society where art does not have a name, but for many many generations art has been used to express and inform. illiterate farm workers telling stories because they could not write or read, youngsters from the impoverished and gang ridden streets of Cape Town who express themselves with music and drawing as a means of escape. In the South African context, i use art to create literary history of a marginalized community.

Social Contribution: My poetry is about society about regular lives and people, i believe by writing in a way that is more accessible to average people will enhance and motivate people to read. To dispel all the historic and elitists notions about poetry, exploring themes that are familiar to all. My poems have also been translated into Dutch therefore i feel that by reading about my social experiences i am informing Dutch people about a different reality from their own.

Define their Success: Publication of the works that i will be working on and also the interaction with the local people.

What interested: I plan to complete my third collection of poetry, also to complete to new projects, one is a collection of short stories in which i interview people about their lives, history family backgrounds. I started my South African part of the project, where i interviewed farm workers, i would like to interview working class people in The Netherlands, focusing on the immigrant community. The second project is a graphic novel which i started writing alongside my husband who is a illustrator and comic book artist.

This will be a book based on my second collection of poems titled grond/Santekraam, in which the main theme is the legacy and consequences of forced removals during the Aparheid era.

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