Our humble beginings

The children’s educational programme was the birth of Thamgidi Studio Foundation. The art class pilot project which first started at Sithabile Mlotshwa’s home, later moved to the Thamgidi Studio Foundation, which was situated at the Aloysius and Juliana school in Huissen. Aloysius and Juliana school, the cultural heartbeat of Huissen, is a home to local and international artists. Every year the artists’ community opens its doors to the public, with the LingeW’Art Manifestatie (www.lingerwart.nl).

The LingeW’Art manifestatie is a three-day exhibition of open artists’ studios, with invited guest artists. Artists from Huissen, together with artists from around the Netherlands and international artists light up the usually quiet and peaceful village. For many years the municipal of Huissen has been actively involved in supporting the Arts by providing spaces that nurture artistic development.

The first supportive grants were given to;

Natasha Sladkoff - Netherlands

Cecilia Hoogmans Acosta - Mexico

Sarah Fisk – USA