Meet our Cape Town based author in Arnhem!

Karen Jennings treedt op in Rozet op 20 september, samen met Pieter Thomassen, Hanneke de Jong en Arnold Jansen op de Haar

We’re throwing a literary party because one of our authors, Karen Jennings, is staying in Arnhem during September supported by a writer’s residency hosted by Thamgidi.

The event takes place on Friday 20 September in the Auditorium of Rozet, Kortestraat 16, 6811 EP Arnhem, the newly opened art centre in the heart of Arnhem. Doors open at 19.30 and the programme runs from 20.00 to 21.00.

Karen Jennings will be interviewed by Arnold Jansen op de Haar and read from her debut novelFinding Soutbek which is set in present-day and 17th century South Africa. It tells the story of the town’s first coloured mayor, Pieter Fortuin, and the troubled relationship with his wife Anna. Pieter Fortuin tries to re-invent Soutbek’s history by publishing a book based on the dubious diaries of Pieter Meerman who served with the VOC. This part of the book features some 17th century Dutch. Karen speaks English and Afrikaans but mostly writes in English.

Karen Jennings, who was recently shortlisted for the inaugural Etisalat Prize for Literature for Finding Soutbek, talks to Jennifer Malec from Books LIVE about writing in pyjamas, stealing chocolate and the gruelling task of exploring truth in South African literature.

Jennings is joined on the inaugural shortlist by Yewande Omotoso, for Bom Boy, and NoViolet Bulawayo, for We Need New Names.

The prize, which is the “first ever pan-African prize celebrating first time writers of published fiction books”, comes with £15,000 prize money, an engraved Montblanc Meisterstück pen and an Etisalat Fellowship at the University of East Anglia, under the mentorship of Professor Giles Foden, author ofThe Last King of Scotland.

The winner will be announced on Sunday, 23 February.



Sithabile Mlotshwa komt uit Zimbabwe, is kunstenares en oprichter van Stichting Thamgidi, een kunstenaarsinitiatief om de wederkerigheid van culturen en kunstenaars te promoten. Ze is artistiek directeur van IFAA (Interdisciplinary Festival and Artist platform in Arnhem), cultureel producer en conservator. Woonachtig in het Oosten van Nederland, maar haar werkveld is zo groot als Afrika, Europa en Azië. Jarenlang zette zij zich in voor het verzamelen en behouden van hedendaagse kunst uit Afrika en de diaspora.

Sithabile: “Through my foundation, I actively create opportunities for artists by initiating and supporting projects that contribute to the visibility of contemporary artists and cultural operators in and outside the African continent. My drive is in the desire to connect cultures and to strengthen mutual artists’ exchange.” Vol passie vertegenwoordigt Sithabile de rechten van de vrouw en ziet en gebruikt kunst als katalysator voor de uitwisseling van en ter onderlinge inspiratie van verschillende culturen. In 2009 ontstond op haar initiatief Art, Books & Wine, een plaats van ontmoetingen voor vrienden, kunstenaars en schrijvers om creatieven en hun werk te promoten.

Volg Sithabile op Twitter: @thamgidi

The future Begins Now - Gallery Bart Nijmegen
Participating artists are: Ivan Izquierdo (ESP), Toufik Medjamia (DZA), Keiko Sato (JPN/NL), Anita Waltman(NL), Olivië (NL), Marcos Lora Read (DOM), Kiripi Katembo Siku (RDC), Piet Jetten (NL), Olfa Ben Ali (NL).’The Future Begins Now’ by IFAA in partnership with Festival De Oase van Stichting WHAA, Museum Het Valkhof, Etalage Derde Wal, LUX & Villa LUX, De Kaaij, Festival op ‘t Eiland, ACM, Taxi Hofman and Thamgidi Foundation.
The exhibition is curated by S’thabile Mlotshwa and brings major IFAA international artists that will exhibit in collaboration with Dutch artists.
Silent Sky Project
In the rain and cold students of the Université catholique de Louvain looked at the sky in silence for 30 minutes. The action on the campus was part of the international project: 2012 IFAA Art Platform Louvain-la-Neuve.

Artists in Dialogue (en)

The opening of the Res Artis 11th General Meeting in Amsterdam was opened by Ronald Plasterk - Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science - on the 9th of October. His speech was en inspiring start of the three day conference Artists in Dialogue, Transforming Communities, which was attended by 120 delegates from artist-in-residence programmes from all over the world, and by representatives of governments, funds and organizations related to the artist-in-residence sector. Many inspirational speakers were heard, people met in smaller workshop groups the attendees from and explored many places in Amsterdam and Arnhem.

2014-2015 African Artists in Residency

The Africa Centre has confirmed the following Artists in Residency (AIR) award laureates:

  • Ayesha Attah (Ghana) - due to take up residency at Instituto Sacatar (Brazil);
  • Houda Ghorbel (Tunisia) - due to take up residency at Thamgidi Foundation (The Netherlands);
  • Katherine Bull (South Africa) - due to take up a residency at Nosadella.due (Italy);
  • Khanyisile Mbongwa (South Africa) took up a residency at JIWAR (Spain);
  • Mário Macilau (Mozambique) - due to take up a residency at Fountainhead (USA);
  • Sara Ouhaddou (Morocco) - due to take up a residency at the Bag Factory (South Africa);
  • Sharlene Khan (South Africa) took up a residency at Khoj (India) in December 2014; and
  • Yewande Omotoso (Nigeria) - due to take up a residency at Bundanon Trust (Australia).
As it is

“…Understanding the dislocation experienced by many Diasporic artists has been central to my work as a professional visual artist.  My specialism is ceramics, where I feel at home, making large expressive sculpted busts that act as a visual diary of events that reflect my identity and journey as an African Diasporic man living in the United Kingdom…”

Issues of identity are crucial to understanding today’s society and more specifically to Kevin’s work as a British/Jamaican visual artist born in the United Kingdom. Like many others he experiences a great sense of displacement from living with the affects of limited and fragmented information about their culture and heritage.

The highly emotive and powerful ceramic busts he creates are cathartic and provide a spiritual connection with his African ancestors. They explore issues of identity, displacement and de-colonization of the mind and confront an art world deeply rooted in the politics and ideals of a colonial past and challenge this existing structure through interrogation and representation. They are informed by personal experience and post graduate research at The University of Manchester.


Res Artis general Meeting

ACSL’s participation in the


Res Artis General Meeting and Conference

October 9-11

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Res Artis has two types of meetings, large general meetings and smaller satellite and project-based gatherings.

The last three general meetings were held in Australia, Berlin, and most recently in Amsterdam. Other recent activity has included satellite meetings in Mexico City, Dakar, Helsinki, Pittsburg and Skopje.

The program of the Res Artis General Meeting and Conference in Amsterdam highlighted smaller grass roots organizations linked to social, cultural and political contexts. These initiatives facilitate the dialogue of guest artists with local artists and the community.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 19.47.00


“What are the components needed to create a good platform for intercultural dialogue and art?” A round table discussion at Osloo/Danish pavilion in Venice Biennale

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 19.53.21

Artist in Residence NOW 05 : Res Artis: Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies

The general meeting of Res Artis, the world wide network of artist residency programs, was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in October 2008. Here is the overview of the meeting.

For more information on Res Artis, please refer to the overview of Res Artis at the end of this article.

“The 11th General Meeting & Conference Res Artis 2008 Amsterdam” was held for four days from October 9 to 12, 2008 at Smart Project Space and other sites. The general meeting consisted of common programs and a variety of workshops, with more than 120 participants from 40 countries. From Japan, five members from four organizations participated.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 19.58.36

Artists in Dialogue / Transforming Communities : Res Artis 11th General Meeting
Ce moteur de recherche référence tous les ouvrages contenus dans le centre de documentation conjoint de SMart et de Culture et Démocratie ASBL. Ce centre rassemble des publications liées au champ d’action de ces deux structures : statut de l’artiste, sociologie de l’art et de la culture, politiques culturelles, inscription de l’œuvre dans le circuit socioéconomique, nouveaux modèles économiques et nouvelles formes d’emploi d’un côté, et enjeux politiques, sociaux, économiques et éducatifs de la culture de l’autre. Le centre de documentation comprend des livres, des études, des guides pratiques, des catalogues, des revues, des dossiers, des DVDs etc. Les publications du centre sont en consultation libre sur place mais ne peuvent être empruntées. Il est possible de faire des photocopies sur place.


International Festival of Art and Art in Residency platform + recherche matériel et bénévoles

International Festival of Art and Art in Residency platform + recherche matériel et bénévoles
IFAA Belgique 2012
International Festival of Art and Art in Residency platform
Avec une exposition internationale, débats et « public space project »

21 novembre 2012 > 15 janvier 2013

« Communication – Échange – Dialogue – Art - Savoirs partagés »

Tels sont les thèmes abordés par les artistes en résidence suivants : Kiripi Katembo (Congo), Angela de Jesus (Afrique du Sud), Keiko Sato (Japon), Mathias De Groof (Belgique), Marcos Lora Read (Saint-Domingue), Junfeng Ding (Chine), Jan-Ru Wan (Taïwan), artistes émergents et de renommée internationale. Le Directeur artistique est Sithabile Mlotshwa., producer IFAA


2015 African Artists In Residency Programme Awards Announced
The Africa Centre is pleased to confirm the following 2014/2015 Artists in Residency (AIR) award laureates. The third iteration since its launch in 2010, the programme seeks to honour and celebrate extraordinary African artists who are committed to producing provocative, innovative and socially engaging work.

The call for applications released in 2014 pulled applications from a variety of disciplines: the visual arts, curatorial practice, performing arts, film, music, creative writing and literature. Emerging and mid-caree

r level artists both self-taught or formally trained in their respective disciplines were encouraged to apply. A panel of prominent curators and art experts assisted in approving an initial shortlist of artists selected from over 250 applications.

This year’s artists include: Ayesha Attah (Ghana) - due to take up residency at Instituto Sacatar (Brazil); Houda Ghorbel (Tunisia) - due to take up residency at Thamgidi Foundation (The Netherlands); Katherine Bull (South Africa) - due to take up a residency at Nosadella.due (Italy); Khanyisile Mbongwa (South Africa) took up a residency at JIWAR (Spain); Mário Macilau (Mozambique) - due to take up a residency at Fountainhead (USA); Sara Ouhaddou (Morocco) - due to take up a residency at the Bag Factory (South Africa); Sharlene Khan (South Africa) took up a residency at Khoj (India) in December 2014; and Yewande Omotoso (Nigeria) - due to take up a residency at Bundanon Trust (Australia).

AIR partners offer the opportunity to take up a short-term residency to focus on consolidating the artists’ work whilst encouraging them to develop new projects. The costs of the residency and a round trip airfare are included in each award.

The Africa Centre is scheduled to release a new call for artists in May 2015.


Res Artis Awards 2006



as part of the Res Artis General Meeting in Amsterdam, NL

The focus of this best practice presentation will be on the collaboration of 11 artists from Africa with 11 artists from the Netherlands on the theme ‘Art, Migration and Identity’. The artists from Africa won a Res Artis award during the Dakar Biennale 2006. For 3 months they will work together at the International Festival for the Arts (IFAA), an initiative of Res Artis member Thamgidi Foundation in partnership with SLAK Foundation.

During these three months the 22 artists are going to create works which will be exhibited during IFAA festival in Arnhem in December. By promoting the artists in residency, Thamgidi and Slak want to create a platform for international artists’ exchange, in order to stimulate a vibrant and dynamic cultural environment in the Gelderland region. This will offer an opportunity for local and international artists to come in to dialogue. A special tour is organized on Sunday, October 12th at the Saksen Weimar complex to meet the guest artists and the other Festival partners.


Artists In Residency 2012

Blog, News, Project Story
April 3, 2014
Posted by Tazneem Wentzel
Tags: 18th Street Bundanon Trust Fountainhead Jiwar Nosadella.Due partners Sacatar Thamgidi Foundation The Substation

The Artists In Residency Programme 2012 awarded eleven residencies to the following exceptional African artists:

Bundanon Trust, Australia – Ngwatilo Mawiyoo, Kenya;
Thamgidi Foundation, Netherlands – Ronelda Kamfer, South Africa;
Thamgidi Foundation, Netherlands – Karen Jennings, South Africa;
The Substation, South Africa – Precious Mhone, Malawi (TBC);
Jiwar, Spain – Sydelle Willow Smith, South Africa;
Sacatar, Brazil – Anani Sanouvi, Togo;
Sacatar, Brazil – Tendai Huchu, Zimbabwe;
18th Street, USA – Lynette Bester, South Africa;
Fountainhead, USA – Zoulika Bouabdellah, Morocco;
Fountainhead, USA – Christian Nerf, South Africa; and
Nosadella.Due, Italy – Kyla Davis, South Africa