Heidi Sincuba - 2010 Thamgidi supportive grant for a 2 months artist in residency, South Africa.

Recent graduate of Artez Art Academy Heidi Sincuba received the 2010 Thamgidi foundation supportive grant for a two months artists in residency program. During her residency, she produced a strong body of works - some of which will be shown this June at the Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem. Heidi Sincuba will also have a solo exhibition this May at Galerie 23 in Amsterdam. A South African born artist currently living and working in The Netherlands, most of her work is concerned with the central theme of identity with a specific focus on African diaspora in relation to sexuality, collective (vs. individual) memory and stereotypes. Heidi is interested in how these factors influence modes of creativity within art practice.Being born and raised in South Africa, there has always been this struggle between the Western way and the African way. But I soon found out that in art theory, that contrast/ conflict was even more tense and much stranger. From the former reception of African art by the West to the inspired Primitivism movement (Picasso, Gaugin, etc) there seems to be a vast wealth of material from which to derive the work. Drawing influence from personal expérience and popular imagery, the work I make is confrontational and sometimes grotesque - I interrogate the possibilities of exchange between the audience and the work.http://www.heidisincuba.com

Works produced by Heidi during her 2 months residency in Arnhem. Photographs were taken by Olivier de Boer, copyright to the artist.