A great experience for me

During September 2006, Thamgidi Studio Foundation gave me the opportunity to live a very different creative experience as an artist.

Sithablie Mlostwa, the director from the foundation, gave me the news that I had been selected for a one month art-residence in Arnhem, the Netherlands. During this month they gave me the possibility to the further develop my photographic project (Graformogenesis), to develop new projects and to introduce myself to the “Dutch modern art world”.

As a Mexican artist, I had a lot of difficulties to introduce myself and my work to the Dutch-art world. This was a completely new country and culture for me and I did not know how or where to go to. So receiving this opportunity from Thamgidi Studio Foundation, opened a lot of new possibilities for me as an artist and gave me a broad idea of what is happening here in the Netherlands. in the creative circle.

During this creative month in the residence, I was able to develop 25 new art-photos from my old project. Also I was able to apply new techniques and material using the laboratories from de Stichting Plaatsmaken and the atelier provided by Stichting Slak. Working during this period gave me also the possibility to experiment more and to develop a new project which originated out the Graformogenesis project. This project has the same basic ideas, but has been influenced with more cultural structures. This project also features more paint materials together with the photography in different dimensions, working at the same time with present and past.

I am so thankful with Thamgidi Studio Foundation, for all the support they have gave to my work and projects and for all the doors that they have opened for me.