Like in old times, the kitchen becomes the core of the house for its inhabitants, where each one can really experience his/her thoughts, fears, and feelings through the others’.

Does the dialogue between people develop faster if everyone is more critical and conscious in defining his and the others’ limits? What about initiating this mechanism with the mutual involvement of preparing and eating pasta together? And what if this was considered a performance?

The pace of the performance is defined by the cooking.

The amount of time necessary to make pasta, and the nourishing aspect of the act itself, seem to us perfect tools to create a community based on confrontation: in a dialogue no one is right, and everyone’s perspective is necessary.

Throughout its duration, How much is Enough? Questions any given statement and develops an agreement that is being perpetually shaped, in a continuous research, involving the community of artists and audience.

Apes Container won the Res Artis prize given by Thamgidi Foundation at the biennale of Skopje in Macedonia.