portrait-SithaSithabile Mlotshwa


 “Supporting the arts to strengthen cross – cultural exchange”

Thamgidi Studio Foundation is a non for profit Private Foundation and artist-led organization based in the Netherlands. The values supporting the creation of Thamgidi Foundation and its mission derive from a belief of the strength reciprocity of cultures has in developing successful exchange based on mutual respect.

Founded in 2005 by visual artist Sithabile Mlotshwa from Bulawayo Zimbabwe- the foundation’s core is to support and strengthen cross – cultural exchange and to facilitate knowledge transmission through:

  • Collecting and preserving contemporary art from Africa and the Diaspora
  • Providing artists with opportunities that enable further artistic development and sharing of artistic practices, through our AIR program
  • Knowledge building
  • Supporting the artistic development and visibility of artists
  • cultural operators working in the African continent and the Diaspora
  • Empowering and giving more visibility to Women artists
  • Facilitating cross border artists exchange within the African continent and internationally.

At Thamgidi Foundation we believe that:

Reciprocity of cultures, or the lack of it, is the subject which has a great impact on the development of societies, in the past, now and in the long run.
In order to promote communication, understanding and to connect cultures, we believe that art plays a major role.
These are the cornerstones that gave birth to Thamgidi Foundation.

Although reciprocity of cultures starts from the point of view of equality, this however is in reality not the case, even more so in the fields of Arts and Culture. The inability to exchange in a mutual way leads to failure of valuable knowledge exchange that may be transmitted by sources usually deemed the “other” or the unfamiliar. It is with this reason that Thamgidi Foundation’s priority is on strengthening cross-cultural exchange.